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Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/ducati/748

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The October 5 issue of MCN shows a beaut photo of the
new Ducati 748.

In magnificent Superlight yellow, the bike has 916-styling
and either solo SP or biposto.

The article reports the 748 will of course be cheaper
than the 916 (the UK price at 10 grand sterling).

Besides the 6mm smaller bore (88mm) and 4.5mm smaller
stroke (61.5mm), peak power is down 11bhp to 96bhp and
"chimes in at 11,000 rpm instead of the 916's 9,000 rpm."

New fored conrod piston, reshaped cylinder head and
lighter flywheel.

One tooth less on the front sprocket (14) and two teeth
more on the rear (38).

The weight is 202kg. Some other features include steel-
braided brake hoses, Ohlins rear shock, compression
ratio up to 11.6:1. In the UK, it's yellow only.


Dave Cooper
Ducati Superlight #741/Norton/Yamaha