Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/lemans/lemans_iii

Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/lemans/lemans_iii

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I snapped this shot in Inverness, Scotland and was lucky enough to
talk to the bike's owner, a Dutch guy on tour with his girlfriend (who
had her own very nice white Lario with a Le Mans I fairing). Though
amazingly modified (big bore engine, floating rear break, oversized
wheels, dropped battery box, EPA pipe, even a very trick shifter that
comes straight off the tranny) what I found really stunning was that
he made the molds for the fairing and seat section and did all the
engine work himself!

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Owner: "Fast" Mike LaMartina, Rochester, NY.  Started life as a Le
Mans III, now features heavily breathed on engine featuring Raceco
head work, cam, increased displacement, Marazzochi, and WP shocks.
Note one-off wrapped exhaust pipe traveling under sump exiting on far
side of engine and braced Le Mans IV swing arm.  An extremely detailed
bike that manages to balance the original stock design with hot-rod

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A Moto Guzzi 850 LeMans III sitting on the quai with the 
Lago di Como in the background.

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