Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/lemans/lemans_iv

Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/lemans/lemans_iv

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Owner: William Kuskin, Madison, WI.  Still very much under
construction, this '86 Le Mans IV has Rennsport pipes, a Sprint dual
headlight Endurance Fairing, timing gears, and flywheel lightened by
Raceco UK. Since this picture was taken (June '94) the pipes have
changed to La Franconis.

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Moto Guzzi LeMans IV with P&W seat and fairing.

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Owner: Scott Margison, Kitchener, Ontario.  This bike has been
featured in detail in MGNOC's "Roadworthy" column and suffice to say,
there is much to much to go into here. At one point this bike was a
bone stock '87 Le Mans SE (with a black engine!). Check the home-brew
monoshock, nitrous, carbon can... the list goes on and, amazingly, the
bike has already undergone a complete remodeling so it features a
Rennsport big bore kit and dual seating.

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Three pictures of two Moto Guzzi Le Mans IV. One is
basically original, the other has an aftermarket
fairing fitted. The pictures were taken at the
"Cafe Fahrtwind" in Ahrweiler-Ahrbrueck, Germany.

Photos and scans by Markolf Gudjons 

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1986 Le Mans IV:
Sprint Dual Headlight Endurance Fairing
LaFranconi Compitition Silencers
Astralite Wheels (3.5x17 Front with 120/60 Battleax Radials
    and 4.5x18 Rear with 150/60 -- fits the swingarm no problem)
Single Front Harrison Six-Piston Caliper/Spondon 320 mm Rotor
Performance Machine Free Floating Rear Caliper on a Ninja-750R
    (akk!) disk.
Bitubo Front Cartridges
Lightened Flywheel
Timing Gears
and a buncha other stuff that makes it run right.

Bike, photo, and scan by William Kuskin <wkuskin@students.wisc.edu>