Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/misc

Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/moto_guzzi/misc

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850-t.jpg (124457 bytes)
A Moto Guzzi 850-T.

ambassador.jpg (29550 bytes)
An early 70's Ambassador 750.

guz850.jpg (41682 bytes)
Photo and scan by Lutz Mueller <bm010@rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de>.

guz950.jpg (44402 bytes)
Photo and scan by Lutz Mueller <bm010@rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de>.

guzzi-254.jpg (86335 bytes)
guzzi-roadster.jpg (765189 bytes)
guzzi_v7sport.jpg (85980 bytes)
moto_guzz_logo.jpg (26685 bytes)
polimun.jpg (138718 bytes)
A Moto Guzzi 850 T in police service in Rome, Italy.

roadster.jpg (106973 bytes)
Moto Guzzi Roadster, with custom P&W seat and
carbon-fiber cam covers.

to_the_rally.gif (92216 bytes)
Marc Alley (leather jacket) and William Kuskin (scratching his head)
just before heading west for the '94 National MGNOC rally in West
Virginia.  Front and center is Marc's extremely revamped '84 Le Mans.
Marc has added a Sprint fairing, gammon seat, aluminum tank by The
Tank Shop, Bub Contis, and battery beneath the transmission.
William's LM IV peeks out from behind.

v1000g5.gif (20080 bytes)
  The V1000G5.GIF is a b/w picture of the MOTO GUZZI V1000 G5.                  
  The G5 is build in 1978 as the first 1000cc with a normal gearbox.            
  The picture was taken somewhere near Amsterdam.                               
                                                    JwB - 02FEB95