Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/nord/bayern

Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/nord/bayern

Last update: Mon Sep 25 00:17:26 MET 1995

This directory contains images from my 1994 summer

10/29/1994 - M. Gudjons (markolf@lfbs.rwth-aachen.de)



abendrot.jpg (38536 bytes)
The setting sun as seen from our camp.

alex-burg.jpg (117103 bytes)
Alex about to enter a castle. He's afraid of height, and in
a few moments his face will be just as white as his helmet...

alex-morgen.jpg (96848 bytes)
Alex about to get up. Not easy with that much beer in your

alex-zelt.jpg (97095 bytes)
"Aaahhh, turn off the #$%^&! light, dammit!"...

arbersee.jpg (97917 bytes)
Alex, myself, and Chris (left to right) resting in the shade
at the Arbersee (Great Arber Lake). This is a cold mountain
lake - just the ticket for cooling off on a 30+ deg. Celsius
day down in the valley...

arbersee2.jpg (95849 bytes)
Left to right: Alex' Honda CB-1, Thorsten's Ducati 750 SS, 
and my and Chris' Kawasaki GPX 600 Rs parked at the
Great Arber Lake.

burg.jpg (71195 bytes)
A view from a castle, overlooking the valley.

burg2.jpg (71321 bytes)
The same castle as in "burg", only looking the
other direction. The cleared stripe on the mountain at
the left is a ski slope.

freiburg.jpg (92822 bytes)
Left to right: Me, Alex, and Chris setting up the tents
and getting ready for some cooling off in the pool.

The place is Freiburg, in southeastern Germany near the
Black Forest where we visited a friend.

front-range.jpg (107365 bytes)
It's steaming hot as we're standing on a hillside taking
in the view across the valley.

In a summer as hot as that of '94, you try to get as
high up the mountains as you can; especially around
lunchtime. And that leather gear certainly doesn't help...

lagerfeuer.jpg (36803 bytes)
What better way to end a day than at the campfire?
Beer in your hand, the sound of grasshoppers and
night birds in the air, and the moon and stars above...

lagerfeuer2.jpg (69179 bytes)
Sparks fly as Alex and Chris look on.

lagerfeuer3.jpg (74771 bytes)
Alex, yours truly, and Chris (left to right) at
the campfire...

lagerfeuer4.jpg (87634 bytes)
Seems like there's enough beer to keep us warm tonight.

mevs-gpx.jpg (75165 bytes)
Chris' 1988 Kawasaki GPX 600 R (aka ZX 600 C1) gleaming
in the setting sun. Down in the valley, fog is beginning
to move in from the mountains.

neunussberg.jpg (55323 bytes)
A view from Neunussberg castle, looking north. 

Can you say curves...? I knew you could. :-)

nuerburg1.jpg (72829 bytes)
A Pro Superbike race at the Nuerburgring. Pro Superbike
is the German international superbike series.

nuerburg2.jpg (78934 bytes)
Three Superbikes accelerating past the grand stand. Third
on the yellow Ducati 955 is Udo Mark, the eventual
Pro Superbike champion 1994. First is a Kawasaki ZXR 750 R,
second Michael Rudroff on a Honda RC 45.

nuerburg3.jpg (86203 bytes)
A 125cc series cup race at the Nuerburgring.

nuerburg4.jpg (88281 bytes)
A Ducati 900 SS inside the Nuerburgring museum.

saarbruecken.jpg (105606 bytes)
Alex, myself, and Chris (left to right) behind the bikes at
a campground near Saarbruecken. Imagine the faces of the
camping public when we arrived. :-)))

schrauben1.jpg (102816 bytes)
Thorsten wrenching on his Ducati 750 SS. The pavillion 
in the background was handy for storing stuff inside.

schrauben2.jpg (85181 bytes)
Chris and myself looking over his GPX.

woffelsbach.jpg (108665 bytes)
Alex taking a leak at Woffelsbach. This is the summit of
our favorite Eifel road. The Eifel mountains are close
to Aachen (location of this site) and are great terrain
for scraping the pegs.