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Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/triumph/old

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A history behind the bonneville in the 67bonnie.gif and 67bonnie1.gif.

I bought this bike, barely running in 1987, Z bars, 6 inch slugs
in the forks. Towed it home. the top end had a hellatious noise,
Took it off, the exhaust guide was seized  and was running up and
down in the head. 

In 1991 I started the restoration in erenst. Stripped all paint off, re
painted everything (yup the tank with matching helmet too) (learned alot
about painting) Rebuilt everything, including engine. The bike is still
not fully sorted as I am resleeving the Monoblocs to ensure a consistent
idle. The chromeplating was done by a shop that I will never return to.
Still need the rear fender (its chopped).

Fun to ride, although I can never get to a destination without at least
one person stopping me to talk about the bike. Living in a small city
allows this luxury.

Andrew Wolf

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Photo and scan by Lutz Mueller <bm010@rs1.rrz.uni-koeln.de>.

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