The BMW GS 20th brithday meeting

18-20 August 2000 - Zellereit (Bavaria, Germany)

As you know, the first of September 1980, in Avignon (a southern French city), BMW had presented a new type of bike: the R80G/S.
20 years after, the German bike magazine Motorrad had the good idea to organise a birthday event. It was done at Zellereit (Bavaria, Germany) on 18-20 August 2000. For that the organisator had invited, with the help of BMW, lot of interresting people involved with the G/S history!

My trip report

Friday 18 August
15h30 start from Brussels (late off course!)
16h30 meet with a Patrick (a belgian friend on R11GS who was waiting for me for just less than 1 hour,... I told you that I started late!) and ride together mainly on highway :-( through South of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Saturday 19 August
02h30 arrival on the campground (after 810km, nice ride, just few little rain and some stops)
... what a campground!!! tents and G/S, GS and GS everywhere
03h00 sleep
08h00 wake-up for a GS day!!!
morning duty and get a look (and what a look) to the GS in the campground
10h30 Time for the ride, 200km with around 40km on trails in the Bavarian country side. Nice and funny... only GS!
15h00 During all the afternoon, historical GS were shown on the parking of the inn.
Historical bikes presented:
  • 1979 enduro GS (from BMW museum reserve)
  • 1981 GS winner of PD (from BMW museum reserve)
  • 1984 Baja GS (from HPN office)
  • 1985 PD BMW-Marlboro (from HPN office)
  • 2000 PD R900GS-RR BMW-Gauloise

Interresting bikes presented:
  • HPN sport
  • Numerous Witec bikes
  • Private BMW rally team (Witec-Kodac-Wunderlich) for Master Rally
    (the big truck, Andrea mayer's F650RR and Oscar Gallordo's Witec-GS)
  • Numerous Tourtatech bikes

Interresting people:
  • Helge Petersen
  • Greg Frazier
  • Susan and Grant Johnson
  • Witec team
  • Touratech team
  • and later... HPN's H and P ;-)
  • ...

Other interresting bikes:
All the participant bikes in the parking... only 2 full HPN bikes (a looks like Marlboro PD but with longer mono- lever rear suspension and Ivanna, 2 Schek bikes and lot of home made special GS.
Interresting remark: Ivanna had lot of succes :-)

Great great historical event!!! suddently during the afternoon when Helge was chating with some people, a guy from BMW museum appear pushing Olga!!! Lot of emotion, the first meet (out of the museum) between Helge and his bike after 6 years!!! A "once in a live" event. Helge was really amazed and he stay few minutes mutes... after that he was talking and explaining Olga's story during long, long time :-)

Slides and video show from GS world travellers!
Sunday: It's done :-( and time to pick up camping gear and back on the roads. With my friends (Christian and Bernd from Germany, Roger from UK and Patrick) we had took Monday free so ... let's go for nice tourism ride on country roads!
Monday In the evening, I'm back at home with lot of souvenirs (and idea for Ivanna) :-)

Thanks to Bernd
Bernd Bauer's Web pages
and Patrick for the pics
Patrick Vink's Web pages

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