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When rebuilding his R80G/S-PD, Bruce Marshall from New-Zealand had some difficulty with replacing Gaston Rahier's signature writen on the tank. So he decided to make adhesive decals stikers copies of the signature.
At the same time, he also made some stickers showing the actual Dakar Rally logo (copy from the F650GS Dakar stikers) but with "Paris-Dakar" text.

R80G/S PD tank with Gaston Rahier's signature Gaston Rahier's signature on the R80G/S-PD steel tank (32 lit./8.9 gal.). US$10
Bruce Marshall's R80G/S-PD Paris-Dakar logo US$10
Set including 1 Gaston Rahier's signature and 2 Paris-Dakar logo stickers US$20
Bruce Marshall's R80G/S-PD Red/blue/blue tank stiker for the R80G/S-PD. The decals include the "Paris" above and the "Dakar" below. US$30

For further details (up-to-date price, shipping, color choice,...) and order, contact Bruce Marshall (

Double rear light

Ivanna back on the road... and off-road!
GS rear lights are small, so riding by night or by foggy/rainy weather is dangerous. So I was tempted to install a fog light. At that time, TOURATECH started to produce an additional rear light using LEDís. As you know, LEDís give powerful light using only few energy and they have a long life time.
Finally, after some test I'm using that additional rear light but with a special wiring in way to have the possibility to use it as fog light.
A 3 positions switch on the dashboard offer the possibility to:
  • use the bright LED's as second brake light
  • use the bright LED's as fog light
  • never use the bright LED's (can be useful in case of problem with unfriendly policeman).

    link to electrical wiring

    To prevent any problem with the police, I decided to hide the Touratech LEDís into a second eom GS rear light. Other interest of that solution, the body of the second light can be used as spare for the first one.
    That second rear light is installed on the rack of my HPN G/S. At that height, it's perfectly visible as the 3rd brake light used on cars.
    R80-100GS owner can install such additional rear light just between the rear blinkers under the rack of the subframe, no hole to be drilled, you have just to use the blinkers fixing points.
  • Ivanna back on the road... and off-road!

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